Let's make RAILS_ROOT an absolute path on Windows

As this Caboose article [] suggests, I am not the only one who had
this problem. RAILS_ROOT is a relative path on Windows, and it can
bite you in unexpected ways. I had that problem while working on

There is a trivial patch fixing it (by simply applying
File.expand_path to the path before assigning it into the RAILS_ROOT
constant): http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/7259

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Alex Verkhovsky

Oops, the missing link was http://i.nfectio.us/articles/2007/02/10/rails_root-and-dir-chdir

expand_path doesn't play nice with symlinks, so RAILS_ROOT will be set
to deploy_dir/releases/9374789394 instead of /current.

What in particular is breaking your application?

Right. Thanks for reminding me. We had exact same conversation two years ago, and I completely forgot about it by now.

Rails autoloading, and Kernel.require in general, breaks when you chdir into another directory after executing config/environment.rb. chdir invalidates all $: entries added by Rails, because all of them start from (relative) RAILS_ROOT.

You typically need to change the current working directory before executing external processes. A workaround is to wrap every shell command within its own chdir block. It’s not too hard to do, just hard to remember.

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I'd also like to switch to realpath instead of cleanpath...