Learning RoR How do I scaffold an existing dev MySQL Database

Hi All,

I learned how to create databases via migrations with RoR, but now I
want to start building an application based on an existing database
that didnt follow rails standards (ie pluralization rules on tables)

I have a dev database named core with a table called classmst

I want to build a new application where I have a modle that will
access classmst, and then I want to use scaffold to build a quick
controller/view for some CRUD manipulations on classmst.

What would be the steps I need to take to deal with this non-Rails
standard database table to make a quick scaffold CRUD application on
this table so that I can see its existing data and perform Add/Updates
and Deletes


I'm going to guess on this one because I've done a fair bit of data
munging from legacy DB schemas to RoR using active record, but not much
in the way of scaffolds. My guess is that if you use script/generate
scaffold in the usual way to get your models and views set up, then you
can add bits and pieces to the model definitions to make it read legacy
schema. There are two ways to do this, if you only need to read stuff
then an easy thing to do it to create a view in the db that presents
things as Active Record wants to see them, i.e. id for the primary key
and pluralised table names. If your DB handles updateable views then you
might find that good enough. The other way is to do it entirely in
Rails. For example you can set the primary key field in your model with
set_primary_key e.g.

class MyModel <ActiveRecord::Base
  set_primary_key "something_other_than_plain_old_id"

and the table name
class MyModel <ActiveRecord::Base
  set_table_name "something_other_than_my_models"

You get the general idea. At risk of promoting a commercial product, I
recommend getting yourself a copy of "Pro Active Record", which has a
whole section on using ActiveRecord with legacy schema and all the
little configuration options you can use.

Remember that RoR is opinionated software, it has lots of useful
defaults, but those defaults can usually be overridden if you need
things to work outside the RoR opinions.

Have fun

John Small

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