LDAP Authentication Failed


      I have installed openLDAP on windows vista. i correctly configure the openLDAP server. when i do the ladpadd &ldap search by using the following commands

Commands:    ldapadd -x step1.ldif

   ldapsearch -D "cn=shalini,dc=mips,dc=com" -w serverpwd -b cn=shalini,ou=people,dc=mips,dc=com"

It shows the output like:

# extended LDIF


I’d suggest you use a 3rd party tool like LDAP Browser (www.ldapbrowser.com) to verify your server, then check your code too.


Hi Palani,

If you're trying to auth against ldap using Net::LDAP, might want to try:

  ...   require 'net/ldap'

  LDAP_HOST = '' # or match your setup.   LDAP_PORT = 389 # or ...   LDAP_DN = 'cn=shalini,ou=people,dc=mips,dc=com' # or ...   ...   def ldap_auth(uid, pss)     return false if uid.blank? || pss.blank?     clean_uid = uid.gsub(/[^a-zA-Z0-9._-]+/, '') # or ..., to guard against ldap-injection.     usr = "uid=#{clean_uid},#{LDAP_DN}"     ldap = Net::LDAP.new({:host=>LDAP_HOST, :port=>LDAP_PORT, :auth=> {:method=>:simple, :username=>usr, :password=>pss}})     return ldap.bind # returns true if successfully auth'd; false if not.   end   ...