(koans) uninitialized constant TriangleError


I have to make a exception part on triangles now.

The exercise looks like this : [/code]

You need to write the triangle method in the file ‘triangle.rb’

require ‘triangle.rb’

class AboutTriangleProject2 < EdgeCase::Koan

The first assignment did not talk about how to handle errors.

Let’s handle that part now.

def test_illegal_triangles_throw_exceptions assert_raise(TriangleError) do triangle(0, 0, 0) end assert_raise(TriangleError) do triangle(3, 4, -5) end assert_raise(TriangleError) do triangle(1, 1, 3) end assert_raise(TriangleError) do triangle(2, 4, 2) end # HINT: for tips, see geometry - Ruby Koan 151 raising exceptions - Stack Overflow end end [/code]

So I looked at that page and come with this solution :

def triangle(a, b, c)

  raise TriangleError, "length cannnot be 0 or lesser" if (a <= 0) or (b <= 0) or (c <= 0);
  raise TriangleError, "length does not mach Pyschotorogas" if (a * a + b * b != c * c);

  return :equilateral if ((a == b) and (b == c))
  return :isosceles if (((a == b) and (b != c)) or
                       ((a != b) and (b == c)) or
                       ((a == c) and (a != b)))
  return :scalene  if ((a !=b) and (b != c))

But now I get a uninitialized constant TriangleError

What did I do wrong now ?



I found this solution :




1) Very good. Now you should try to determine what "Ruby on Rails" is, and whether your questions have anything to do with Ruby on Rails.

2) Read a tutorial on ruby exception handling, or better yet buy the book "Beginning Ruby":


and read that before trying to do the koans. All you seem to be doing is copying other people's code, so what good does that do you?