Juggernaut Rails 3

Are there any plans to update the Juggernaut gem to be compatible with
Rails 3? It doesn't seem to work as of now with Rails 3, unless I set up
the whole thing wrong. Also are there any good working alternatives for
a push server?

Same thing for me, I plan to put online a site with juggernaut this
fall, an I keep wondering if its the right gem for a chatting engine.
Is there any other gem or libs more up to date?


Kenneth wrote:

Why not fork the repository on github, dive into the code, fix the incompatibilities (also a good exercise on getting familiar with Rails 3 and Railties) and donate back to the community?

I haven't looked at the juggernaut code in ages, even though I've
(re)written parts of it once upon a time. The major task of bringing it
to Rails 3 would be to replace alias_method_chaining on render, into a
custom renderer. Something like

  ActionController.add_renderer :juggernaut do |template, options|

I wouldn't expect changes to the core implementation, but mostly to the
packaging (plugin, engine) and integration with ActionView. The server
itself doesn't depend on Rails, AFAICT, so it wouldn't be affected by
version changes.