Rails Push Server?

So, I investigated this a while ago... does anybody have good
experience/good instructions as to how to move your rails app to using
a push server? Which ones are best? Most Stable? Easiest to
implement and use?

Our site is currently doing some regular polling, and it's getting
hairy fast. I looked into using Juggernaut a while ago, but I'm not
certain it's going to be good for production going forward, it's also
flash based.

I see a quick article on a true "push" server using http here:

But I'm not sure that will integrate well with mongrel+apache...

Now, here's Juggernaut using flash 6:

Anybody have some experience using either one?

Juggernaut isn't really "flash-based". That makes it sound like you,
as the developer, have to know something about flash.

It "uses flash". It uses a very small, simple flash applet in the
browser to push JSON to the browser.

And seriously, how many of your users want the kind of functionality
you have to use PUSH to delivery, but don't have Flash installed? The
question isn't so much "is it okay to use Flash?" as it is "when
whatever i use for PUSH isn't available on a mobile phone, am I going
to bother supporting that?"

I think Juggernaut rocks for Rails-heads.