JRuby's Google Summer of Code 2013!

Hello, friends!

I’m pleased to announce that JRuby will be participating in this year’s Google Summer of Code! We’re looking for students and mentors to help work on JRuby (and Ruby) related projects (and get paid doing it, of course).

We have an ideas page here: https://github.com/jruby/jruby/wiki/Google-Summer-of-Code-2013

The JRuby GSoC mailing list for interested students and mentors is here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/jruby-gsoc

If you won’t or can’t be a student or mentor, I hope you will pass this information on to others. There’s a lot of great opportunities for improving JRuby and Ruby in general that can all fall under our GSoC umbrella.

Here’s a few short ideas from the wiki:

  • Rails performance - work on assembling small to large-scale benchmarks for Rails (general Ruby) and then help us identify areas that need improvement (JRuby).

  • RubySpec - fill out specs for Ruby 1.9 and 2.0 features that are weakly covered (general Ruby) and/or help us improve JRuby’s pass rate on existing and new specs (JRuby).

  • Rework JRuby build/dist process - What we have today is a bit of a mess, combining several tools and requiring too many manual steps. We’d like to automate more and simplify the process in general (JRuby).

  • Port extensions to JRuby - There are still many C extensions that have no equivalent in JRuby. Research what popular extensions are not supported and work to write JRuby implementations of them (JRuby).

  • Shoooooes! - Shoes is now largely JRuby-based, so there’s lots of opportunities to improve how Shoes behaves and performs on JRuby.

  • JRuby’s new IR compiler - For JRuby 9000 (working name of the next major JRuby version) we will be using a new compiler already in progress. Help us write the JVM backend for that compiler along with optimization passes, static and dynamic analysis, and so on. Fun with compilers. (JRuby)

  • krypt replacements for OpenSSL - krypt is a new Ruby-targeted library for crypto that has the potential to eliminate Ruby’s dependence on OpenSSL. Work to fill out krypt to cover more OpenSSL use cases (general Ruby) and help us wire it into JRuby to eliminate our OpenSSL-like library (JRuby).

And there’s much more. Please jump on the mailing list, talk to us on IRC, ping me on Twitter (@headius) or contact us some other way if you or someone you know would be interested in being a mentor or student!

It’s going to be a great summer for Ruby!

  • Charlie