jruby vs ruby


Currently in my rails application, I am using ruby 1.9.3. There is a requirement for which I need to use jruby.
If I am using jruby, then I can’t use ruby.
Will there be any affect if I switch from ruby to jruby in my application ?
Will the rails application behave normally ?
Any code changes I need to do for that ?

I use jruby in all my applications the advantage is that you can mix
java code if you want oherwise you can use pure ruby syntax.

Will there be any affect on ruby code if we change from ruby to jruby ?

I think no, you have to control your gems, if you use jruby you have to add:

# the javascript engine for execjs gem
platforms :jruby do
  group :assets do
    gem 'therubyrhino'

To create a new app using jruby for rails 3:

jruby -S rails new myapp -m http://jruby.org/rails3.rb