jquery-rails upgrade breaking existing code which depends on older versions of jQuery Core (1.8.2)

How do you manage different scripts that need different versions of jQuery to work properly?

I used to be able to use No Conflict even though it was kinda messy too. But at least I could get all the scripts working without one breaking the other due to different jQuery Core dependencies.

Like this: http://youmightnotneedjquery.com/


You might want to use $.noConflict() as shown in this stackoverflow answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1566595/can-i-use-multiple-versions-of-jquery-on-the-same-page

I see… what about jQuery UI and jQuery Ujs which depends on those specific jQuery Core? How would I adapt those versions with noConflict?

So I tried noConflict but it didn’t work.

Then inside jquery.inlineedit.js:

(function($) {

// define inlineEdit method

$.fn.inlineEdit = function(options) {



Not sure why it doesn’t work! Can’t do inline edit where it used to work!

Got this fixed.

Basically I put ‘$.fn.jquery’ inside each scripts after NoConflict block to check the version and made sure the 1.8.2 version came through to them.

Thought I’d share how I got it all working in the Asset Pipeline.

//= require jquery

//= require jquery_ujs

//= require bootstrap

//= require bootstrap-modalmanager

//= require bootstrap-modal

//= require jquery.easing

//= require jquery.cookie

//= require zeroclipboard

//= require jquery-1.9.0.min

//= require noconflict.jquery-1.9.0

//= require toggles

//= require jquery-1.10.1.min

//= require noconflict.jquery-1.10.1

//= require jquery.joyride-2.1

//= require jquery-1.7.2.min

//= require jquery-ui-1.8.7.custom.min

//= require noconflict.jquery-1.7.2

//= require jquery.inlineedit

//= require pubsub

//= require base