Call backs not working in jquery 1.4.3 with rails 3

Hi All,

  I am using rails application of version 3.0.0 and i have downloaded
jquery latest version 1.4.3 to use in my application.

   However jquery conflicted with rails app so i have added noconflict
code as follows


    // this allows jquery to be called along with scriptaculous and YUI
without any conflicts
    // the only difference is all jquery functions should be called with
$j instead of $
    // e.g. $j('#div_id').stuff instead of $('#div_id').stuff
    var $j = jQuery.noConflict();


  and things started working fine but jquery call backs did not worked
and showed any error either.

  So what i did is:
  * removed the noconflict code
  * replaced the existing rails.js with jquery based rails.js
  * added the jquery.js on top of <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults
%> in application.html.erb page

  then everything works fine.

  I want to add jquery.js in some pages where needed and need to achieve
remote method calling and jquery callbacks. Any help would be great.