JOB POST: why is it so hard to find a Ruby Rails developer for a job in Downtown NYC?

I thought when I posted this ad on craigslist, I’d get a lot of responses, but I haven’t. Why is that? Are good RR dev folks like you that hard to come by?
Anyway, this is a great forum.

Are you tired of contract work? I am looking for a RUBY RAILS developer for a full-time position at a new division of a leading web company (, in the Union Square section of New York City. The team uses a webstack with a mix of new technologies that deploy code as quickly as possible. Core infrastructure is Ruby on Rails, Javascript/Coffeescript, jQuery, SQL, Resque, Heroku, and Git.

You must have a passion for clean, test-driven, and well-documented code, and be comfortable with occasional pair programming; consumer-based features and collaborate with Product Management and User Experience. Develop best practices and architecture.

Skills & Experience requires 2-4 years of web application development experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent real-world experience. Knowledge and experience with standard testing tools, including RSpec, Capybara, and Jasmine. Familiarity with the full Rails stack, including database, web service and web front-end development. Mobile experience highly desired. You must enjoy collaborating and be passionate about creating world class consumer web experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about this offering, please send me your resume and I will send you more details. This is not a “remote” job. In-house position only. I am not a full-time recruiter. My partner and I own small IT shops and occasionally staff people when the job can not go out-of-house. Send me a note and I’ll explain further. If you can commute to downtown and like working with a team, you won’t find a better offer. Tell me about your Ruby Rails experience.

My problem is “why is it so hard to find a REMOTE RoR job??” :slight_smile:

For remote work, try It was started in conjunction with the book Remote which was authored by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.

In terms of finding in-house people for a job in New York, you have some competition. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t look at Craigslist and I’m not sure many developers do. Most of the developers I’ve seen hang out here, ruby-forums, and stack overflow. Stack overflow has a careers board that lists 435 Ruby on Rails jobs. Brandon, some of these are remote positions as well. You should also probably hit Twitter with the tag #rubyonrails.


+1 on that -- it would never have occurred to me to look at Craigslist
for work, full-time or otherwise.

I am going to go ahead and say it…

Rails and web devs in general do not look at craigslist for a job. If they do… you don’t want to hire them anyways.

I do look at Craigslist for jobs, and have used it to hire developers also;
especially part-timers.

Markets are probably different; Pittsburgh Craigslist has a fair amount of
jobs listed there, but I notice that other cities don't seem to.

If you are a senior Ruby dev and are looking for remote work, I know of a great job in Atlanta. (I am not a recruiter. I am also a Ruby dev.) Drop me a line and I can make connections.

– Martin

Martin Streicher wrote in post #1140391:

If you are a senior Ruby dev and are looking for remote work, I know of
great job in Atlanta. (I am not a recruiter. I am also a Ruby dev.) Drop
a line and I can make connections.

-- Martin

@ Martin I'm looking for a remote job., can you let me
know how to apply for it?

The reason is simple, Move, inc. Is a terrible place to work. I am guessing that this is for the recently acquired company, Doorsteps. If that is the case, try to place an ad for them instead. Nobody wants to work for a tech company stuck in 1999 like Move/