Job opening for senior RoR engineer

Full-time senior engineering position available for a Series-A Mental Health company, Advekit.

This role will work alongside the CTO making architectural and design decisions. In addition to coming into a stable tech base, there will be plenty of greenfield projects on our roadmap for the next year.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Architectural and scaling decisions as the company grows
  • Working with product management and designer to implement various product initiatives
  • Building new internal tools for streamlining operations
  • Updating tooling for deployment pipeline
  • Rewriting and optimizing some areas of code

This role will have the opportunity to touch all areas of the stack (frontend, backend, devops). We are preparing to scale 10x over the next year so our perfect candidate will have an understanding of all areas of the stack.

About the company: Advekit is a two-sided marketplace which helps people find mental health professionals and handle insurance claims for clients and therapists. Advekit is operating in California, New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

Please send resume to