Javascript help

I have a blog on my site and would like readers to be able to
recommend comments.

I added an integer column to my comments table called 'agree' and have
a link to a controller which increments the entry in that column by
one on each click.

I just use @comment.increment!("agree") and then redirect back to the

However, I am paginating the comments and if you recommend a comment
on page 2, for example, the redirect goes back to the default page 1.

Is there a way to increment the table entry using some ajax in the

I am quite unfamiliar with Ajax and haven't been able to get it to



Have got a work around now using {redirect_to :back} in the controller
but would still like to hear about a javascript option if anyone has


Yes. Look at link_to_remote. You tell it what action to hit and can then tell it what div to update or some other custom "sucess" action. In your case, I'd replace the "i agree" link with a "thanks" text or something.