Increment Count and display


I have a column hit in my responses table, and I need to create a
button beside every response. And when the button is clicked, the
counter value should be incremented and displayed on the same page.

I created a method in mycontroller,

def update_hit
   @response.update_attribute :hit, params[:count] + 1

and in the view
<%= button_to "Click" , response, :action => update_hit %>

I am not sure if I am doing it the right way. What can I do about

And how can i display it in the same page?

I would be careful using the params[:count] +1 setup... If someone
managed tio submit that param with their post then the count is

I would use link_to_remote and use a rjs template that updates the
count and the action just updates the database with +1

When I click on the button it says No action defined. The click and
the method is not linking properly. Is there something wrong in the