javascript and auto_complete_for

I have updated my development version to 1.2.3 (where my production is
still on 1.1.6) and the Macintosh OS 9 clients using Netscape 7.02 can
no longer use auto_complete_for where it works fine on 1.1.6 which
suggests to me that changes in something like prototype have broken my
very broken Netscape 7.02 clients.

Since there is no further updates to the Netscape client past 7.02, is
there something I can do to get some greater amount of compatibility for
the javascript code in 1.2.3 for these clients?

I would suggest downgrading the javascripts. The Rails stuff is just
a thin wrapper on it anyway. Although, give the scriptaculous
autocomplete demo a try in Netscape 7 just to be sure it really is
what's broken.

Not sure exactly how to downgrade javascripts.

I copied prototype.js from my 1.1.6 to my 1.2.3 but then
auto_complete_for doesn't seem to work for any client on 1.2.3

I can see rake rails:update:javascripts but I can't see how to go
backwards that way


You could try the Unobtrusive Javascript plugin:


I will have to try that because this issue caught me totally by
surprise. One of the selling points I used was that Rails worked fine
with Netscape 7.02 on their old Mac's - which it did until the
javascript bundled with 1.2.3

I'm not complaining, we are talking about really old client applicatons
- just flabbergasted and I've done too much refactoring for the upgrade
to 1.2.x to go back to 1.1.6 now