Issue when creating an new action in my routes.rb


Hello, I have an issue when I try to setup a new action in my
I have the following definition in my routes.rb file where I try to
add the "validate" action

  map.resources :buildings do |building|
    building.resources :blocks
    building.resources :blocks, :collection => {:validate => :get}
Whwn I exucute the rake route, I get as expected :
validate_building_blocks GET /buildings/:building_id/blocks/
validate {:controller=>"blocks", :action=>"validate"}

I have in my view, the following link:
<%= link_to("#{custom_message(:building_step_3)}",
validate_building_blocks_path(@building)) %>

But when I click on it, it tries to execute the "show" action of the
"block" controller

Do you know what I am doing wrong?
I use rails 2.0.2


I had my answer on another forum.
The issue came from the line
building.resources :blocks

To be deleted (duplicate with the second line)