map.resrouces without create or new action?


Is there a way to use map.resources in routes for a controller, but without including the create or new actions?


Hey Daniel,

As far as I understand it, all you have to do is not define the create and new action in your controller.

If those actions are not defined in the controller AND there are no "new.rhtml" and "create.rhtml" in the views folder, I think it will behave like you want to.



I guess it is the nasty Error page that I’m looking to avoid. Thanx for the idea.



Couldn't you just use a before_filter to redirect to ether a nice clean error page or even just use the index action instead?

before_filter :show_error, :only => [:new, :create]

def show_error   redirect_to plural_path() end

Really what I was thinking was to not define routes for non-existant actions. But if I can’t turn some of them off then something like redirection or a nice error will be sufficient.