Is there anything like recursive resources?


I'm trying to create a virtual file system in rails with folders and documents. My models look a bit like this:

class Document < ActiveRecord::Base   belongs_to :folder end

class Folder < ActiveRecord::Base   acts_as_tree   has_many :folders end

Now, what I really want is a RESTful interface to access the data in the database. So I can do stuff like DELETE /folders/1/folders/2/folders/3/files/1, or even better: DELETE /folder-name-1/folder-name-2/folder-name-3/some-file.txt. Is there anyway to accomplish this in Rails, or are there any plugins that can help me accomplish this?

I don’t know if it handles self referential associations well (and you should try to avoid more than 2 levels of associations in your url anyway imho, but check out the resource_controller plugin (not the resources_controller plugin, watch the singular/plural “s”). Maybe make_resourceful does it too these days, but we have opted for resource_controller and it has been great for us.

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Peter De Berdt