Is there a ftp crawler in ruby on rails?


I'm a newbie to ROR. I wanted to write some code which can help me to
list and then index all the paths on a remote server. Is there a ftp
server crawler in ruby?



maybe you could use the Dir class:

By the way, I didn't understand very well what you want to do...

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Hi Everaldo,

Thanks for the info. Im trying to make a database of (Name(can be an ID
or filename), Path) of certain directories on several paths residing on
remote servers.


When you do watch out for this: there is no standard for how FTP formats directory listings. Different OSs and different FTP servers use different formats, so you just have to figure them out. It's kind of an ugly problem.

Take a look at Net::FTP, in the standard library:

It should do what you’re looking for.

–Matt Jones