Is require_dependency supposed to be a public API?

If so, shouldn't it be documented in the Rails API?

Or is there a better way to allow class reloading of my files under lib. I mean, I know about config.autoload_paths, but I want to be explicit about my requires. I just want to be able to reload then on each request when I'm working on them.

require_dependency seems to do just that but I'm worried since it is not mentioned in the official public API.

require_dependency is designed to be used for the purposes you describe.

A lot of things aren’t documented in the Rails API that are public. Doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them.

I can't see require_dependency being removed without a deprecation so I'd say go ahead.

And feel free to submit a doc patch...

The entire file is marked as :nodoc:

There must be a reason for that and I'd need to understand the reason first before providing a doc patch.

Is it possible to override the :nodoc: instruction for some particular method?