Is it possible to use ActionMailbox with Exchange

For a project I am working on we need to receive emails. I understand that the Ingresses can do this but the email is from an Exchange server. Is there anyway that we still can use Exchange for this or do we need to use one of the Ingresses.

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It is still possible to configure ActionMailbox to work with an Exchange server, but it may require additional setup and configuration. You would need to ensure that your Exchange server is properly configured to receive incoming emails and route them to your Rails application.

I also working on a project that requires receiving emails, and we are exploring the possibility of using an Exchange server for this functionality. I am uncertain whether Exchange server integration is feasible within a Ruby on Rails project or if we need to opt for one of the Ingresses instead.

ActionMailbox didn’t natively support Exchange protocols. However, you could potentially configure Exchange to forward emails to a mail server that ActionMailbox can handle, such as an IMAP or SMTP server.

Could you give a reference how to setup ActionMailbox with IMAP? I couldn’t find anything about this in the official documentation.