Is it possible to manage multiple non-related Models from a Rails form?

my project is about German language( that save the German words). I have three Tables (Word for Nammen, Adverb for adverbs,Adjektiv for Adjectivs and Adverb for Adverbs) of course in my scnario(thst is not optimal) there is no realation between Tables.I have one form that user can add adverb OR adjective or....(see:Download ba)i use accordion and each one has a tab in accordion i want to give a possibility to user to edit one record in that page.but when the user click on a record to edit,another records with the same ID too appear in another tabs(see:Download ba) how can i avoid that? this is my controller:

class WordsController < ApplicationController   def new   end   def create     @word=Word.create(params[:word])     @verb=Verb.create(params[:verb])     @adjektiv=Adjektiv.create(params[:adjektiv])     @adverb=Adverb.create(params[:adverb])

    if || || @adjektiv || @adverb       redirect_to :action => 'index'     else       render :action => 'new'     end   end   def index         @word=Word.find(:all)         @verb=Verb.find(:all)         @adjektiv=Adjektiv.find(:all)         @adverb =Adverb.find(:all)   end   def edit         @word=Word.find(params[:id])         @verb=Verb.find(params[:id])         @adjektiv=Adjektiv.find(params[:id])         @adverb =Adverb.find(params[:id])   end   def update     @word =Word.find(params[:id])     if @word.update_attributes(params[:word]) || @verb.update_attributes(params[:verb]) || @adjektiv.update_attributes(params[:adjektiv]) || @adverb.update_attributes(params[:adverb])       redirect_to :action => 'index'     else       redirect_to :action => 'edit'     end   end end

thank you for your help