1 Form, 3 Models?

I want to make a single form, but it will potentially create 3 new
models. There are relationships between these models (belongs_to). I
have also generated the sections with scaffolding and created form

For example, I have a form for a Project (1). This project references
a Manager (2) and Team (3). In this form, I would like for a user to
be able to submit a project and either enter this information as new
or lookup the info (autocompleter I can handle). On the "back-end" I
would need to be able to save any new Manager and Team data and create
the necessary relationships...

So my question is, what is the best way to leverage RoR to display and
save these forms??

The Handle Multiple Models in One Form extract from Advanced Rails Recipes is quite good.


I think the complex forms series with Ryan Bates talks about this as well.

Ramon Tayag

Thanks for the quick response!