Newbie question: How to save multiple records in a single form

Started learning Ruby and RoR a couple of days ago and I’m working on a dummy app.

I want to allow a user to save 5 records at the same time using a single form. Let’s assume “contact” records, with each one consisting of a single “name” field. It’s a “user has_many contacts” relationship.

Anyone aware of tutorials/documentation on how to achieve this? I’m having a hard time modifying the code from a single record into multiple ones. Chiefly…

1- How to display 5 text fields in the form/correct form tag to use.

2- How to pass an array of those 5 objects to the “create” method (if it’s an array that I should pass)

3- How to create the instance variable that has the 5 objects in the “new” method so it’s available to the form

Here are good example

Ahmy Yulrizka

Look at these examples

or even you could try nested form gem