is it poosible to return javascript's confirmbox response to ruby programme

Hii all,
        Sorry if it looks stupid question but i would like to know is it
possible to return response of javascript's confirmbox or messagebox to
ruby programme as a value .Means suppose i click on confirmbox's yes tab
this respone stored in a variable and this variable is returned to ruby
programme where i call javascrpt ??

With AJAX, yes.

If you make that confirm statement return into a function that sends an Ajax request, or simply a normal full-page request to a URL, then sure. Here's the most basic example of what I mean:

<a href="/model/action/id" onclick="return confirm('Do you really mean it?');">Play Global Thermonuclear War</a>

If the confirm returns false, then the onclick event dies in place, and your URL is not requested by the browser.


Walter Davis wrote in post #956547:

Are you running this on a Web server? It sure doesn't look like it from here. What is your environment, and why is this in Rails if it's talking to a Windows filesystem directly?