There need to be more ops in the irc channel #rubyonrails. These ops need to be community personell who have a large-range of knowledge and can help out the new people, as well as keeping the egos in check. I'm tired of encountering people on the channel who are abusive and there needs to be someone there *at all times* to moderate. Currently there are only about 3-4 *active* ops who are generally busy with their lives.

I know this is not the "right place" to post this kind of thing, but my other avenues have turned into dead ends.

Agreed. Nominations?


I nominate: melvinram, jschoolcraft, edavis10, linoj, JasonKing,
qrush. I haven't talked with these people about it, only observed that
they helpful.

Chiming in on this:

Or maybe not, because GMail doesn’t like me:

I think it might be wise to set up some sort of rotation…just a set of hours where one person is the designated moderator/peacekeeper, and people can ping that person for any trolls that visit the channel.

-Nick Quaranto (qrush)

This sounds like something that the Rails Activism team or a group
like RailsBridge might be helpful for yeh?

I hardly see any of those people in the IRC channel and they all have
much larger committments to the community.

Another couple of suggestions: blj dfr, and toretore.

I'm hereby nominating myself! I know little about IRC-oping, but I'm
quite active in #rubyonrails.