Inviting authors for Ruby on rails programming site.

Dear Friends, is a PR rank 4 site among 5 million searchers on the Google is dedicated to promote Ruby on rails programming throughout the world. The site is getting 100s of visitors every day. We are inviting authors to write articles for this site. We will publish your bio and the links to your url/blog etc along with your article. We accept any technical article on Ruby on rails programming. The article must be written in English and non plagiarized. Get the recognition you deserve.



Really? Because out of the first 4 articles on your "site", I see at
least three that are lifted word-for-word from other people's blogs
without any attribution: is a copy of is a copy of is a copy of

And we're not even going to get into how bogus hosting copies of
Railscasts (again, without any attribution or even a link back to the
site) is...

--Matt Jones

The Rails logo is copyright too... and they don't very much like
people using it for their own purposes.