Intermittent routing problem

I'm having some access problems, on again, off again, with access my
web pages.

I'm using InstantRails, have generated several web projects, and for
no reason, I start getting:

Routing Error
No route matches "/employees" with {:method=>:get}

It's doing it for all projects, not just a particular one. Was
working this morning. Nothing changed that I know of. No routing.rb
files changed.

What can I look for to diagnose this intermittent problem? It isn't
localized to a specific project. I tried rebooting my machine, but
that didn't help, though I got an error message after getting the
Windows screen about not finding some file called setup.exe somewhere
down under the Instantrails directory.

How did u create the controller employees and/or model employee?

Which Windows screen? What exactly is the message and at what point
does it occur? It sounds as if you may have a problem with
instantrails rather than your applications.