Interested in contributing to 'Getting Rails test suite to run on Jruby'

Hi everyone,

I am a 4th-year CS undergrad and have been keen to contribute to Rails/Jruby for a while. Recently, I came across the topic ‘Getting Rails test suite to run on Jruby’ on the rubyonrails-soc mailing list. (Ref:

I am ready with the appropriate setup for the same. Please help me get started with it.


What have you tried?

Hi Dheeraj,

Nothing yet. Please tell me how to get started :slight_smile:

Hello Aditya, I have written a blog post:

To summarize, process is:

  1. Run the test suite to find tests that fail on JRuby

  2. Try to isolate the error source. if its a rails issue, please submit a PR,. the proposed fix doesn’t have to be perfect solution, submitting WIP PR & asking for feedback should be okay. if its a issue in JRuby, then submit a PR there if you know java & can fix it all by yourself. Else, just open an issue on github describing what the problem is & provide them a small isolated code snippet which reproduces the problem.

General Guidelines:

  1. Encoding issues are hardest to fix on JRuby.

  2. if you get stuck which an issue that providing too difficult to solve/debug. You can switch to another issue, Try starting with easier ones to get your feet wet.


Hi Gaurish,

That’s cool.

I am able to see the relevant failing tests. Am looking for a test to work on atm.

Suggest me a bug if you can in the meanwhile though.