Integration test patch for 2.3.x branch


I've submitted a patch for an issue in 2.3.8 that I'd like to see
committed for 2.3.9 is possible. The patch fixes fixtures being
accessible in newly created sessions.

Please see the patch for details...


I know it's only been 2 days, but can somebody commit this patch or
give me some more feedback if changes are required...


I'll post some more information here which is petty much from the
ticket if it helps get the ticket accepted.

Currently in 2.3.8 in integration tests, the following error occurs
where in earlier releases this worked...

def test_something
  # companies fixture is accessible
  company = companies(:test)

  open_session do |sess|
    # fixtures not accessible on sess... error
    # company = sess.companies(:test)

This patch fixes the error so that fixtures on the new session are
available. The example isn't real world usage; this error becomes an
issue if you're calling methods on the new session that try to access
fixtures. A comment from me in the ticket gives a brief description
of this.


+1 please

p.s. Apologies for the repeated posts, but it's a super simple fix and
I'd like to see it in 2.3.9 if possible. :slight_smile:

Please commit this patch (see below) for integration tests... or +1's please.