Integrating Flash Media Server

Hi All. I need to integrate Flash Media Server in a rails application. I have searched for it but couldn’t find much useful matter. Can anybody provide any pointers?



Any pointers for me?? Arpit

Thanks a lot Ratnavel.

Arpit Jain wrote:

Thanks a lot Ratnavel.

On Dec 28 2007, 1:44 pm, Ratnavel Sundaramurthi <rails-mailing-

Hi which post served your need... share wat u did for resolving yr issue so that it'll help others....

The flowplayer link server my need. Now i am able to play video but if i want to play 2 or three videos one after the other, how should i proceed? I have read something of streaming though flash media server. Can somebody elaborate on the streaming and using Flash Media Server.

Thanks Arpit