Installing Warehouse- undefined symbol: apr_dbm_type_db

Hi All,

I want to install warehouse application but i could use rake command because of following error. Kindly support me to resolve the same.


!! No Ultraviolet gem found, defaulting to javascript syntax highlighting. Do not be afraid. !! Error loading plugins: Mysql::Error: Table 'electron_xorndevelopment.plugins' doesn't exist: SELECT * FROM `plugins` WHERE (name IN ('photo_gallery')) !! Make sure the database was created successfully and migrated.rake aborted!/home/electron/lib/ undefined symbol: apr_dbm_type_db - /home/electron/lib/ruby/1.8/i686-linux/svn/ext/

Regards, Manohar


Please help!!!

I am also having this issue.

I just ran into this issue. Upon running the command RAILS_ENV=production rake db:schema:load a second time, I received no error.