installing ruby and rails framework

My name is dany, i from indonesia. i have some priority question about
this program ruby and rails framework..
1. I can not understand how installing ruby and the rails framework
also the devkit in github with the good guidelines, many resource in the
google, but nothing can helping me because there are too confusing me.
Please give me the right guidelines, since when i start and what should
i setup in my windows 7, as the note: i have installed about xampp,
trying make localhost in my system computer, and how i can make
localhost:3000 in my address bar, i am nubie i never know about ruby and
donot know how to use it in my skill,
2. many my friend in indonesia interest to learn ruby on rails (only
making web application) of course, but they are many of them give up
just because the learning is too confuse..

Take a look at this

but, I recommend you to use ubuntu. Sometimes you may find some troubles in windows


If you need to stay on windows, you can use the rails installer from It makes setting up a development environment on
windows simple.
You may have issues with some gems in the future, but this will get you
started. Also take a look at, it's an excellent
resource to get you started.