Installing rspec in Windows

Hi all,
I’m trying to install rspec and I’m having a problem.

gem install rspec
Bulk updating Gem source index for:

Successfully installed rspec-0.8.2
Installing ri documentation for rspec-0.8.2…
Installing RDoc documentation for rspec-0.8.2…
ruby script/plugin install svn://
C:\Users\Nathan\Documents\rails\myproject> ruby script/generate rspec
Couldn’t find ‘rspec’ generator

I have no idea if I’m doing this properly. I just followed the instructions on Luke Redpath’s site. I tried looking for something on rspec.rubyforge but couldn’t find anything. Any clues?


update: I found the instructions on rspec.rubyforge (, followed those instructions, but I still have the same problem.


Have you tried the plugins?

Sorry, I see that you found the instructions I linked to already.

Do you still have the RSpec gem installed? Did you try removing the
gem before you installed the plugins?