Couldn't find 'rspec' generator

I am trying to learn the RSpec but unfortunately I found all the
tutorials which are very old. Is anyone have latest tutorial?
I am following some tutorial, I have followed the following steps:-
1) gem install rspec
2) gem install rspec-rails
3) ./script/generate rspec
   I am getting an error that "Couldn't find 'rspec' generator"
I have searched for this and I got information that I have to install
the plugins:-
"ruby script/plugin install
My problem is that URL does not exists. Can anyone tell me am I on right

Any help appreciated.


Hi there,

Are you on rails 2.x.x or 3 ?

I am on rails 2.3.8
Clint Krollwood wrote in post #984887:

I am on rails 2.3.8

You’ll find instructions here: