Installing RoR

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gem help install

see for --http-proxy option which accepts an URI or use HTTP_PROXY
environment variable:

gem install foo --http-proxy=http://user:pass@server:port/

Hope that helps,

have you tried the Rails Installer(

I have found this is the easiest way to get rails up and running on windows.


I dont think you want to install ruby 1.8.7 with rails 3.0.0.... i
was never able to get everything working in windows reliably so i went
with ubuntu on my windows box and have good success with that.. But
one problem i had wad trying to use the older ruby with the newer
rails.... I did find something eventually about the mix on google
but dont remember the link... Good luck

I was able to get ROR installed on windows XP and I felt it was
stable. I wrote about it here.
Hope that helps

John Ivanoff