Installing ROR on ubuntu 10.04


I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my lenova. Tried installing ruby through synaptic package manager. I am unable to run ruby,rails commands through command prompt…

can anyone suggest the best way to install ruby on rails on ubuntu and also the suggested versions…


I use the ruby one line installer, and it works perfectly

Please read a bit about rvm and try using that instead.

Is there any advantage using rvm?


If you work on multiple projects you might need to use different versions of ruby and or rails, rvm is a great tool to handle this.

Use pik for Windows.

Absolutely! And you will have lots of disadvantages if you don't.

It'll have all the package you might need. You can install different
Ruby, Gem and Rails versions too. When you will update your gems or
Rails or Ruby later you won't have that much problems like others.
It's not just useful but also prevent lots of problems in future.

If you have further problems you can check on Stackoverflow too.

So the best way is: Install Git, then RVM, then Ruby (set default Ruby
if you install more), Rubygem, Rails and other gems.
Important: not to use "sudo" when installing gem, so only use "gem
install rails"! Always check which versions are you using and if it's
fit for other versions.

good luck,

Is there any advantage using rvm?

in ruby, as in many languages you can have conflict between libraries, also since rails and ruby are open, gems came from everywhere so is hard to keep and eye on versions, another problem is that rails changes very fast because the community is very engaged and active, all this causes a problem, your libraries change often, so if lets say you have one project his week using a certain gem version maybe by next week when you are going to make a new project you can use a newer version of you favorite gem, but you soon notice there is a conflict since the new gem is not backwards compatible and cant be use in the old project or now it only works with a previous version of ruby and you old proyect needs a huge port to make the leap. All this could be a problem is there was no rvm, rvm creates a separated environment for every ruby you install and you can also have gemsets which isolate gems into folder that you can assign to each project, so now you can have

rvm use ruby1.8.7@gemsold

for the old project and

rvm user ruby1.9.2@gemsnew

for the new proyect and never worry about a conflict again.

do i need this if i am new to ror and developing my first project in ror.

If you are doing the project to learn rails then no, if its a serious project you must use rvm.

obviously you should first install it in a virtual machine and see what it is about. If this is your first project and you are just learning is not mandatory, but you have to put rvm in the list of things to learn if you are serious about programing rails applications.

thanks for this
its serious learning and programing of ror from myside…
anymore suggestions

What about Rmagick / imagemagickl? It needs to be compiled natively.
Will it work smoothly with RVM?

sometimes rvm is unable to properly point at some libraries/binary in your system and wont be able to use , for example , readline because it was not where it expecting it to be, you can then install it with it own version like this

rvm install 1.9.2 --with-readline-dir=$rvm_path/usr

this can also happen with other system dependencies but there is always a solution at rvm’s site so there is no real reason to worry.

imagemagick is bit one of those libraries rvm or ruby need to work so there is no problem with them as long as they are well installed in your system.

@Mitin Rai

Learn how to use git too.

My tutorial could help you!

Definitely use RVM as this simplifies the experience. Remember to
amend your .bashrc file and then your golden to install ruby as well

how to install rails2 in ubuntu 10.04 please tell me the solution

you can follow this link: install Ruby on Rails

Or simpler: install rvm, install a ruby (1.9.2, at least, come on) and gem install rails.

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