installed rails 2.3.9 but keep getting rails 2.3.2

Hmmm I’m pretty sure my older development and production servers have no trace of 3.0.3 gems. That is because I started developing since rails 2.3.2 and the project was live when rails 2.3.5 was out.

Any ideas? My new server has ubuntu 10 whereas the other servers (which run the app fine) are on ubuntu 9. Could that be the cause?

You have not quoted the previous message so I am not sure if you saw
my latest post. The problem appears to be that you have a random
assortment of rails gems. All of actionmailer, actionpack,
activerecord, activeresource, activesupport and rails itself should be
available for the version that you specify in environment.rb (2.3.5 in
the case of your app). It is nothing to do with which version of
ubuntu you are on, it is to do with which gems have been installed.

As I said I would suggest you install rvm then you can install the
appropriate gems for the app under rvm and ignore what is currently
installed. I also note that you have ruby 1.9.1, I would suggest
1.8.7 for rails 2.3.


hello, Colin,

I will put in a new OS image on the development machine and will see how it goes from there.

Meanwhile, thank you and merry christmas, Colin!


It is nothing to do with the OS, ubuntu does not come with ruby or any
gems installed. There is no need to re-install. Just install rvm and
go from there.


Yes, Colin is right.
There is no need to re-install ubuntu, rather go for rvm.
RVM is an excellent tool for managing ruby versions as well as your gemsets with a ruby version. Try it out.
If you find rvm intimidating and troubling you, here’s a way around it.

Uninstall all your gems and then reinstall them with their specific versions.

hello Jatin,

Yes, I think I will reinstall all the gems and ruby from scratch.

Thank you and merry xmas, everyone!