Installation Questions

Good Day,

I am attempting to write a program that will convert Tibetan Uchen script to Romanized Wylie script. Through my research I believe Ruby Rails is what I will need to bring this to fruition. I only have a simple laptop running 64 bit applications on Vista Home. I have partitioned my drive so that I can load Ubuntu on the 2nd partition. First question, Based on what I want to accomplished, have I surmised correctly that Ruby Rails is in part what is needed? Can I run Ruby Rails on Ubuntu Desktop as opposed to Server? I read a post here that Colin Law suggests using RVM to install Ruby or Ruby Rails, but at the Ruby download page, it only mentions Ruby Gems. Any clarification would be helpful.

Google is very useful when someone mentions something that you do not already know about.

Is your application a web application? If not then RoR may not be what you are looking for.

When it comes to an editor, it lists many include full IDE editors. I could also use some clarification on what editor is compatible with what direction I am taking.

Use whatever editor you like. I use jEdit. Most do not use an IDE.