Insert data into multiple tables


Is there any way to insert data when form is saved into another table.

Say for example:

I have membership table which already contains some data and have column names as 'no_of_users_added', 'no_of_users_left'.

I want to insert data from user table based on the count value how many users are saved and the corresponding column values ('no_of_users_added' and 'no_of_users_left') gets updated into the Membership table.

Please help me resolving this issue.

Regards, Milley

Look at ActiveModel::Dirty, specifically method changed? at ActiveModel::Dirty, and changed (ActiveRecord::Dirty) - APIdock

You can write records to any table you like from any controller. So to add a new record just use, set the values as appropriate and save it. However generally it is bad practice to save anything that can be calculated on the fly, and I rather suspect that at least one of the values you mention may fall into that category, posibly both. You may think it is a worthwhile efficiency saving but the bottlenecks in an app are very rarely where you expect them to be. There are many issues to be thought about when saving data that can be calculated. Suppose for example the server crashes at an unfortunate moment such that you end up with the saved value not representing the calculated value.