Inheritance: Parent not using Child method.


class Parent
    def foo

    def bar
        # more stuff

class Child < Parent
    def bar
        # over riding bar

obj =

Brenton B wrote:

Why does it call Parent#bar instead of Child#bar? ... according to
inheritance and method overriding Parent#bar is replaced with
Child#bar ... so when Parent#foo calls some method named 'bar', should
it not call Child#bar due to obj being an instance of Child??

This question will get better results on the Ruby-talk mailing lists and newsgroups.

Where am I going wrong?

What is your evidence that the parental bar() gets called? Post your question, with that addition, that to the Ruby group(s).

Hmm ... good though, I'll throw it over there.

I'm a tool ... never mind got it going ... there was a mix up with
alias_method, wasn't setup the way I thought it was ...