Inheritable ActionMailer::Base server settings

I submitted a patch, changing smtp_settings and sendmail_settings to
class_inheritable_hash variables, allowing you to change server
settings per subclass of ActionMailer::Base. This is especially useful
when using Gmail SMTP servers which forces your "from" email address
to match the address in smtp_settings[:user_name]. Having multiple
smtp_options is the only way to send from multiple addresses in one
application, in that scenario.

This works perfectly when assigning your settings within
environment.rb, but gets a little wonky when trying to change
ActionMailer::Base settings on the fly, as its subclasses won't
reflect those changes (hence the updated tests in the patch).

Could you let me know what you think? Thank you.

Could you let me know what you think? Thank you.

This sounds like a positive change. However instead of
class_inheritable_accessor, try using superclass_delegating_accessor.
It should function almost identically, but it's a little less brittle.

Thank you. I'll look into it.

I'm also looking into overriding the smtp_settings instance method,
which is allowing me to change the settings at a per-mailing level.