Including plugin module giving an error

Hi, I am developing a plugin for database search in rails 3. I have created a plugin with name "db_search". I have written following code in "/vendor/plugins/db_search/lib/db_search.rb" "require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'db_search/core')"

Then I have written following code in "vendor/plugins/db_search/lib/db_search/core.rb" "module TRG   module DBSEARCH     def with()       p "I am in with"     end   end end"

To make my search independent of models I have created search.rb in the "/model". I have added following code:-

"class Search   include TRG::DBSEARCH end"

I have user controller. I have written a following method into it:- def search end Whenever I am running this method I am getting an error:- "uninitialized constant Search::TRG"

I also Tried with "TRG::DBSEARCH.with()" but no luck

I don't know why my plugin modules are not get loaded. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the code?