I am doing in_place editing on a text field using in_place_editor_field.

In view I wrote:

<%= in_place_editor_field :ci_class, :name, {:id =>}, :html => {:class=>'pageDATAFIELD'} %>

In Controller:

     def set_ci_class_name        ci_class = CiClass.find(params[:id]) = params[:value]        ci_class.reload        render_text      end

I got this working successfully.

But when I searched more about in_place_editor_field, I found that it is deprecated and it is changed into plugin in Rails 2.0. I'm using Rails 1.2.5. I want to change in_place_editor_field so that if I move to Rails 2.0, it should be compatible there also.

I searched an alternative for this and I found the following. Please help me to find a better solution. 1) editable_content_tag : The in_place_editor for Rails 2.0


3) SuperInPlaceControls plugin for Rails 2.0

Thanks Regards Suneeta