Implementing Web Services with Ruby on Rails

Are you implementing web services (SOA) with Ruby on Rails today? What are you using and how is it working for you. Thanks! SR123

From what I have seen most services are being implemented as simple

XML REST services. There is support for SOAP services, but they are being downgraded in edge in favor of REST. The application I am working on will be using REST for both XML and feeds, and SOAP for interface to an accounting system.


I'm implementing a ROR app that makes REST calls to one client, based on SOAP calls from another. Going well so far. I'm done with the SOAP server portion and that's working great in test. As much as I prefer to go all REST, sometimes you just don't have a choice when you have to interface with other existing services.


I've had to implement SOAP client calls in a Rails app before. I used the soap4r library with some success. You can download it here:

good luck!

- jacqui