Images larger than 40k uploaded with attachment_fu won't display

I have a problem displaying images when using attachment_fu. When I try to display the image, only about 40k appears in the browser, and with some images even that much is not visible (just garbage when I view source). I can display images smaller than 40k correctly. I'm storing the images in the database (mysql) and haven't tried storing in the file system to see if that works or not.

There is another thread about a bug in ActionPack that might be related, but I wondered if anyone else has run into this problem with attachment_fu?

Thanks! -Dave

Make sure your database can support that much data. Make sure it's configured correctly and that the field is large enough to hold that much data.

Rick, Since you showed up on this forum to answer an attachment_fu question would you be kind enough to answer this one? How does one view images when developing on a Windows XP box? In summary, whenever an image is uploaded to S3 using RMagick (and your attachment_fu) the file size = ZERO? This can be for any type of file from .png, .gif or .jpg. Thus, when retrieved into the application it is always a ghost image. If you're kind enough to describe a strategy, I'll do my best to spread the answer across the internet. Thank you, Kathleen

I don't use windows and I've never run into this issue, so I have no idea. Look for any error messages, or use ruby-debug to follow the plugin and see where it fails trying to save an attachment.

I'm not sure what else to check other than the MySQL field definition:

  t.column :data, :binary, :limit => 10.megabyte

I have successfully uploaded and displayed much larger images using the method described in AWDWR by Dave Thomas.

The reason I've been trying to switch to attachment_fu is because I'd like the ability to display thumbnails. I would prefer to solve this than switch back.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?

Thanks, Dave