image not dispayed in pdfkit(pdfkit)

I am using Carrierwave to upload images in rails4.

In the view page the uploaded image is showing. But, when generating the
from this view, the image is not showing.Instead , a blank box is
showing.from many from frorums i got a suggestion that use the absolute
url to display images in pdf

From the view, while inspecting the path is showing as below:

<img alt="Small images" src="

The code i used is:

<%=image_tag Student.find(id).image_url(:small) %>

Can u pls help...

Not entirely sure what you are saying. Are you saying that the above
url does not show the image it should or that it is not the right url?
Also not sure what it has to do with pdf. All that code is doing is
displaying an image, it is not displaying an image "in pdf".
Look in log/development.log and put that url into the browser to see
what it is doing.