Displaying Binary Image

Hi There,

hopefully this is the right group to solve my Problem:

I Need to display an image in a PDF Document.

The image is created via another webseite for example: http://xyz.com?barcode=123456

The Image to display is a barcode and its type is PNG.

All I want to do is to integrate this image into a PDF Document
(generated with pdflib).

I recieve a binary coded input stream but i don't know how to display
this in the PDF,

I would be glad if somebody could help me out.

Thanks a lot,


I have not yet worked with pdflib, but if you can incorporate the
image into the PDF document using an external link then here is an
example of how to provide the link:

Add a method similar to this in your controller class:
def picture
    @picture = Picture.find(params[:id])
              :filename => @picture.name,
              :type => @picture.content_type,
              :disposition => "inline")

and link to it like: