I have an application.In that an action create_ui in controller
service_desk creates a service desk ticket. I have already written the
required validations and completely implemented it. Now my new
requirement is in an intranet website I have to call an action of my
rails application What it does is to create a service desk ticket..So
here when given a bare minimum information I can connect from this
intranet site to my application and create a service desk ticket...Means
what I do normally is a registerd user can after log on to my
application create a ticket..But to extend that the additional
requirement is any user with some minimum information like
name,phoneno, email Id given can post a ticket..But I dont know how to
implement it(with validations also) I tried with iframe like(pasted the
following code in intranet site)

<table width = "100%" ><tr><td>
<iframe SRC="http://IPAddress:3000/service_desk/create_ui?company=cmp1"
width = "100%" height = "1500" align = "right"
NAME="sdtframe” NORESIZE SCROLLING="auto" marginheight="0"
marginwidth="0" frameborder="no" >
         So here I can load the page in the iframe...But my thinking is
that is this the proper way to implement this in rails? If so what about
the validations etc I have already implemented? Need I write a seperate
controlller and action for this? I welcome your valuable thoughts on

Thanks in advance

     I did not get any reply for this