IE problems with "validate"

I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with using IE7 vs
Firefox. I am new to Rails and I have purchased the Agile Web
Development with Rails book. When I try to do the depot example, the
"validate_" commands display perfectly if I am in Firefox but in IE7
not only the field is highlighted as an error but the entire section
of the screen is highlighted. Any ideas? Thanks.

I have not run into that… if you typed in the HTML / RHTML yourself, ensure that you did not miss a closing tag. You may have invalid HTML markup, which might cause weird things to show up on the page. That may not be the problem in your case ,but that’s the first place I’d check for an issue like this.

If you have a solid background in HTML and CSS, this should be pretty easy to figure out… if not, you should read up on valid XHTML.